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Let's talk about how to make your first API call using LILT's API. This should take about 5 minutes and by the end you will know all of the available languages that LILT can localize your content into.

What you need to start:

First you will need to retrieve your Organization's API Key from the LILT User Interface.

Log in to the Lilt Application as an Administrator. You should see a screen like this. Then you can click on the Cog in the Bottom Left:


From there you can access the API Key in the Organization Settings:


Then you copy the API Key into your favorite API Platform like Postman, Datadog, etc...


Congratulations, now you have everything you need to make your first Api call to LILT.

Making your first API Call!

As a first step at LILT, you should examine the languages available for Language Translation. To do this we will access our languages end point. This end point is a good starting point as all you have to think about is authenticating.

To authenticate for the public LILT endpoint all you need is the LILT provided API Key from earlier.

curl{Your API Key here}

Then you should see a response that looks something like this:

"source_to_target": {
"en": {},
"...": "..."
"code_to_name": {
"aa": "Afar",
"ab": "Abkhazian",
"af": "Afrikaans",
"...": "..."

Congratulations on making your first API call with LILT!